The heavy wagons and armed caravans of Aranthaen gold are a common sight on the trade routes leading out of the city. Each wagon is made of thick, sturdy wood and is drawn by a team of powerful horses. The wagon is heavily guarded by armed guards, some of whom ride on horseback alongside the wagon, while others ride on top of the wagon itself.

These armed guards are highly trained and skilled in both combat and diplomacy, able to negotiate with local authorities and fend off any would-be bandits or thieves. They wear heavy armor and carry an array of weapons, including swords, crossbows, and spears. The guards are also equipped with shields and helmets for added protection.

The wagons themselves are reinforced with metal plates and are heavily secured with locks and chains. The gold bars and coins are carefully packed in crates and boxes, which are further secured inside the wagon. Each wagon is also equipped with its own small armory, containing extra weapons and ammunition in case of attack.

As the wagons travel along the trade routes, they are closely monitored by scouts who ride ahead to check for any potential threats. The guards also keep a sharp lookout for any signs of trouble and are prepared to act quickly if needed. At night, the caravan sets up camp, with the wagons parked in a tight circle to provide maximum protection. The guards take turns standing watch, ready to respond to any danger that may arise.

Overall, the caravan is a formidable force, able to protect the valuable gold it carries and ensure its safe arrival at its destination.