Welcome to the ancient city of Aranthaes! A city where trade and the creation of wealth are the key tenets of it’s religion, a city who’s divine origins are felt in every aspect of it’s deeply religious society, and a city who’s own success could be the makings of it’s imminent destruction.
Nestled at the foot of a sacred mountain, and surrounded by richly productive farmland, Aranthaes is a merchant city of untold wealth. It’s three vast terraces each protected by mighty walls separate the city into distinct cities within a city: the cramped Aranthaes Wynds a warren of narrow streets and tall twisted buildings; the bustling Aranthaes City, epicenter of Aranthaen trade where elegant boulevards are home to thriving businesses; and the sacred top terrace, High Arantheas, home to the city’s elite and the great temple built in honor of the city’s benevolent deity and founder, Lady Bune.

A city of such wealth is of course protected by formidable forces, including the city guard, made up of well-paid, well-equipped, soldiers charged with defending the city from invaders and criminals. The city’s merchant police forces, sponsored by the wealthiest families in the city, ensure that business interests are protected, and the religious police force, the Defenders of the Mother, ensure the teachings of the city’s draconic goddess are held high above all else and help ensure the city’s wealth reaches all who call Aranthaes home.

The politics of the city are complex and fraught, with powerful families and the church vying to maintain control of the hearts and minds of it’s rapidly growing population – a constant struggle between religious teachings of generosity and benevolence and the greed and avarice of the city’s wealthy merchant classes.

As you prepare to set off on your adventure, the possibilities in Aranthaes seem endless. Will you seek out the vast wealth and opportunities available, making your fortune among the city’s elite merchant class, or will you fight to level the playing field and promote equality for all citizens?

Getting Started in Aranthaes

After entering through the city gate, registering and being granted visitor papers, most adventurers head straight into Aranthaes Wynds – famed for it’s inns and taverns, supply shops and magical emporiums. This densely populated and thriving area can be an overpowering attack on the senses – the noise and smells of it’s packed alleys and market squares do take some getting used to.

Do be aware – some of the city’s worst criminal gangs operate out of this area…

Aranthaes Facts and Figures

Government: Oligarchic Theocracy
Governed by: Holy Mother and Mother’s Council (aka Council of 12)
Majority Religion: Draconic deity Lady Bune (87%)
Population: 197,233
Main Languages: Common 99%, Infernal 68%, Orc 19%, Elvish 17%, Dwarvish 12%, Abyssal 6%
Average Annual Income: GP372 Wynds, GP11,992 City, GP422,891 High Aranthaes
Declared Occupation: Merchant:62%, Church: 8%, Military/Police: 7%, Mercenary: 4%, Magician:4%, Druid: 2%, Ranger: 2%, Bard: 1%, Mystic:1%, Retired & Other:9%