Aranthaes Wynds is a bustling and densely populated area, with narrow and winding streets that make it easy to get lost. The buildings here are high and narrow, built of old, dark wood that creaks and groans in the wind. The sounds of the city are everywhere, from the clanging of metalworkers to the raucous laughter of tavern patrons.

The residents of ‘The Wynds’ are a diverse lot, made up of newcomers to the city and some of Aranthaes’ poorest inhabitants. The streets are lined with vendors hawking their wares, from street food to secondhand clothing.

Adventurers always head straight for The Wynds, looking to stock up on supplies before setting out on their quests. Popular supply stores include Gerhard’s and Finnigan’s Emporium, perfect stopping points between adventures.

The magic emporiums in this area are particularly noteworthy, with some of the most powerful spells and enchanted items available for sale. The best of these is the Emporium of the Magi although the owner of Arcane Curiosities will dispute this…

The Wynds are home to 3 of the city’s largest markets, the Fruit Market, Meat Market and The Jumble, a place where you can find almost anything.

When it’s time to make new contacts or unwind over a steaming tankard, Aranthaes Wynds is home to several popular inns and taverns including The Ranger’s Rest, The Mother’s Guard and The Bloodied Mace. Adventurers are advised to avoid The Orc’s Tongue and The Titled Crown – unless they’re looking to end up in The Wynds Jail

The Red Lantern District is a seedier part of Aranthaes Wynds, filled with dens of iniquity. It’s a place where people go to forget their troubles, whether it’s through the pleasures of the flesh or the thrill of the game. The Red Lantern District is under control of one of The Wynds’ crime syndicates, headed by Kallista and not somewhere you want to leave without paying.

Aranthaes Mess is a large dump located over several burnt-out streets, where the city’s garbage is dumped and sorted. The stench of rotting food and waste can be overpowering. The people who live on or around the Mess are the poor and desperate, scavenging through the piles for anything they can use or sell. It’s a dangerous place to be, with hazards lurking in every shadow.

Despite its rough edges, Aranthaes Wynds is also a place of great opportunity. It’s a place where anything can happen, where a chance encounter can lead to great wealth or fame. But it’s also a place where danger is ever present, and only the savvy can survive.


Day or night, alongside the hubbub of residents going about their day the best they can, it’s likely a party will encounter something nefarious. Do they walk on past like a local or get involved? Roll d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A group of 6 (1d8) rough-looking men drinking and gambling in a dimly lit alley.
    Thugs: AC 12, HP 15, clubs (1d6), leather armor.
  2. A lone figure in a hooded cloak, standing in the shadows and watching passersby with a menacing stare.
    Assassin: AC 15, HP 25, poisoned dagger (1d4+3), studded leather armor.
  3. A pair of street urchins attempting to pickpocket unsuspecting travelers.
    Thieves: AC 11, HP 10, rusty daggers (1d4), rags.
  4. A drunken bard stumbling out of a tavern and looking for a fight.
    Bard: AC 13, HP 20, lute (1d4), leather armor.
  5. A group of 3 (1d4+1) beggars huddled together in an alleyway, asking for alms.
    Beggars: AC 10, HP 5, makeshift clubs (1d4), rags.
  6. A shady merchant selling illegal substances from a cart.
    Merchant: AC 11, HP 15, crossbow (1d8), leather armor.
  7. A group of 3 (1d4+1) toughs shaking down a local shopkeeper for ‘protection’ money.
    Extortionists: AC 14, HP 20, brass knuckles (1d6), studded leather armor.
  8. A masked figure in dark clothing scaling the walls of a nearby building.
    Burglar: AC 12, HP 10, grappling hook, leather armor.
  9. An out-of-town preacher warning of the dangers of greed, and calling for repentance.
    Preacher: AC 11, HP 10, wooden staff (1d6), robes.
  10. A gang of 4 (2d4+1) thieves raiding a warehouse and making off with stolen goods.
    Thieves: AC 12, HP 15, short swords (1d6), leather armor.