The Wynds Jail is a grim and foreboding structure located in the heart of the district. It is a three-story stone building, with thick walls and small, barred windows. The entrance is a heavy iron gate that creaks ominously when opened.

The jail is always guarded by at least two heavily armed guards, who keep a watchful eye on any visitors and maintain order among the prisoners.

Inside, the jail is a miserable place, with damp, cramped cells that offer little privacy or comfort. The smell of sweat, urine, and despair hangs in the air. The prisoners are a mix of petty criminals, debtors, and those awaiting trial. Some are resigned to their fate, while others are angry and defiant.

The jail is overseen by a stern and humorless warden, who takes her job very seriously. She is known to be tough but fair, and she expects her guards to be the same. The punishment for misbehavior or attempted escape is severe, and few prisoners are foolish enough to try.

Despite its unpleasant reputation, the Wynds jail serves an important role in maintaining law and order in the district. Its presence is a reminder to the residents that there are consequences for breaking the law, and it serves as a deterrent to would-be criminals.