major characters in aranthaes

The Aranthaen Church

A devout faith can be found at the heart of all in Aranthaes.

Founded millennia ago by the benevolent deity and draconic goddess Lady Bune, the city itself functions as an extension of the Church of the Mother, where the building and sharing of wealth are considered to be holy acts.

The head of both church and city state, Holy Mother, acts as a proxy for Lady Bune and holds ultimate power in the city – her words and actions are seen by all as those of Lady Bune.

Defenders of the Mother

Holy Mother is watched over by the Defenders of the Mother, led by cleric Rilith Jol’gonas and three powerful Erinyes, Alekto, Tisi and Gaera.

The City’s Power Brokers

If making money is seen as a holy act under Aranthaen beliefs, these merchants, bankers and politicians would be the most devout in the land – or at least they would be if they remembered the key tenet in Lady Bune’s teachings of sharing wealth.

Military and Police

A city as wealthy as Aranthaes has a significant military and police presence, protecting from without and within. The City Guard is an elite military force under the command of paladin Eryndor, Champion of Aranthaes. The private Merchant Police forces protect the flow of business in the city and the interests of each individual battalion’s sponsor. Finally the Defenders of the Mother help ensure the city’s faithful don’t stray too far from the teachings of their Mother Dragon, Lady Bune – and disperse the Mother’s Bounty, Aranthaes’ unique gold reward for believers.

Aranthaes Underworld

Where there’s gold there’s greed and the city’s criminals thrive in the dark and narrow streets of Aranthaes Wynds. Three crime syndicates run business in the Wynds, led by Kallista, Casrius and Vedira, while beyond the city walls Robynne is head of notorious bandits The Red Cloaks.

Other Central Characters

In a city of over 200,000 souls there are many different characters a party may meet in their quest for fame, riches and glory. The following characters play central parts in Aranthaes campaigns, adventures and one-shots. From the permanently perky paladin Abigail to the morbidly morose Morobne, there’s enough good and evil, law and chaos to keep any party going.