Ginerva is a young woman with vibrant red hair, freckles across her nose and cheeks, and deep gray eyes. She is lean and athletic, with a muscular build from years of outdoor training. She wears leather armor under a heavy cloak and carries a bow and a quiver of arrows on her back.

She is fiercely independent and loves the thrill of adventure. She has a love for animals and a deep respect for nature. Despite her tough exterior, she has a compassionate heart and will go out of her way to help those in need.

Ginerva was born into a small village on the outskirts of Aranthas. From a young age, she displayed an impressive aptitude for archery and a love for the outdoors. Her parents were both hunters and taught her everything they knew about tracking and survival.

As she grew older, Ginerva felt restless and longed for adventure. She set out on her own, determined to make a name for herself as a ranger. She traveled far and wide, honing her skills and taking on various quests and missions.

During one particularly dangerous mission, Ginerva was badly wounded and left for dead. She was rescued by a group of rangers who nursed her back to health and took her under their wing. Ginerva found a sense of belonging with this group and became a loyal member.

However, tragedy struck when the group was ambushed by a band of orcs. Ginerva was the only survivor and was left with a deep sense of loss and guilt. She left the group and returned to her hometown, struggling to come to terms with what had happened.

Name: Ginerva

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Ranger

Level: 6

Alignment: Neutral Good


Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 10 (+0)


Animal Handling (+5)
Athletics (+4)
Perception (+5)
Survival (+5)


Quiver of 20 arrows
Short sword
Leather armor
Rations (5 days)


Hunter’s Mark
Cure Wounds

Hit Points: 55