‘The Mother Will Provide’ is the most common phrase in Aranthaes, used as a greeting and farewell, and a phrase of hope, friendship and support.

Like most elements of life in Aranthaes, the phrase is associated with the Aranthaen religion and devotion to Lady Bune, ‘The Mother Dragon’ – and is based on the belief that the deity Lady Bune will provide wealth and success to any true believer.

This is nowhere more a hope made real, than in Aranthaes’ unique and generous system of support, one that is the envy of the world.

The Mother’s Bounty

Despite the fact that Aranthaes levies no taxes on its people, every citizen who has pledged their devotion to Lady Bune, the city’s draconic goddess, is guaranteed to receive one gold piece per day for as long as they live (and remain devoted to the city’s deity). This is known as The Mother’s Bounty.

This generous provision is made possible due to the vast stores of wealth held by the city, which are widely believed to have been granted by Lady Bune herself.

Rumors have long circulated throughout the city that Aranthaes Mount, the small mountain at the heart of the city has a core of solid gold, which is mined and used to make these monthly payments, however no mine entrance or evidence of mining has ever been found.

The truth of this claim is shrouded in mystery and is of course denied by the heads of the city and Aranthaes Mint, but the reality is that somehow Aranthaes has access to a seemingly limitless supply of the precious metal.

The source of the gold therefore remains a closely guarded secret, known only to a select few within the city’s innermost circles. Some speculate that it is the result of an ancient magic ritual, while others believe that it is truly a blessing from Lady Bune. The city’s merchants meanwhile say the excess wealth is a result of their hard work. Regardless of the truth, this system has allowed Aranthaes to prosper and become one of the most successful cities in the realm.

Thanks to a combination of the fact that no taxes are collected, and the generous monthly stipend paid, the citizens of Aranthaes live in relative prosperity, their daily needs met without the stress and struggle that so often plague those in other cities. They are free to pursue their passions and interests, secure in the knowledge that their basic needs are always taken care of.

Even those who fall through the cracks in the system, non-believers, the poor and homeless are provided with food and other charitable support through the tireless work of the Defenders of the Mother.

Clearly, the mother does indeed provide.