Aranthaes’ unique economic system is one of the reasons it is so prosperous. The city is completely free of taxes, meaning that merchants and adventurers alike can keep all of their wealth without having to worry about giving a portion to the government. This has led to an influx of wealthy merchants and adventurers who see Aranthaes as a land of opportunity.

The city’s vast stores of gold built up over millennia, have allowed Aranthaes to create its own currency. There are widely circulated rumors of rich veins of pure gold being mined beneath the city leading to Aranthean gold being of the most pure available. This means that it is highly valued throughout the region.

Owning gold minted and stored in Aranthaes is seen as being the ultimate store of wealth, which is one of the reasons why the city is home to numerous banks and financial institutions that are trusted by traders and investors from all over the world.

The absence of taxes has also meant that the city’s wealthy merchant classes have been able to grow their fortunes without hindrance. This has led to the creation of vast fortunes, with some families personal wealth being rumoured to be greater than that of some kingdoms.

The lack of taxes has also attracted adventurers and incomers looking to make their mark. These individuals are often willing to take risks in order to make a fortune, and their presence has helped to spur innovation and development within the city. Many of these adventurers have gone on to become wealthy merchants in their own right, further adding to the city’s status.