The Defenders of the Mother are a non-miltary offshoot of the City Guard, a faith-based police formed to ensure that the generosity enshrined in Lady Bune’s teachings translates into charitable works to help the neediest in the city, and that support for the faith continues to flourish.

Comprised primarily of devout citizens, members of the clergy, clerics and military veterans, The Defenders of the Mother perform a wide range of duties, in service to Lady Bune – under the overall command of cleric Rilith Jol’gonas. From providing charity for the needy and making sure the Mother’s bounty is paid to all elligible believers, to maintaining order during religious ceremonies and gently enforcing religious laws and customs, the Defenders of the Mother are an ever-present reminder of Aranthaes faith and the generosity of The Mother.

The Defenders of the Mother are organized into several specialized units, each with a specific focus. For example, the Doctrine Enforcement Unit is responsible for gently reminding the city’s citizens of Lady Bune’s religious doctrines, while the Temple Security Unit is charged with keeping the city’s religious sites safe from harm. The Carriers of the Basket distribute charitable offerings to the needy and of course deliver gold to the faithful.

In addition to their law enforcement duties, the Defenders of the Mother also act as ambassadors for the church, spreading Lady Bune’s teachings throughout the city and beyond. This includes missions to neighboring towns and cities, as well as the conversion of non-believers to the worship of Lady Bune (and provision of subsequent stipend for life).

They are generally loved by the city’s population and are a positive force for good, happy to spread the generosity and love of The Mother, giving money and food to the poorer members of Aranthaen society and collecting offerings from the wealthy for redistribution.

However, the Defenders of the Mother are not without controversy. Some citizens – in particluar the wealthy merchant classes – feel that the organization’s methods can be heavy-handed and invasive.

Despite these few criticisms, the Defenders of the Mother are a powerful group, and their role in upholding the city’s religious charitable traditions and customs is widely acknowledged and respected.