Orinna Lor is a highly respected member of the Aranthaen merchant community. Head of one of Aranthaes’ ‘true born‘ families, Orinna is known for her astute business sense and her shrewd investments, which have helped reinforce her family as one of the wealthiest in the city.

Orinna is a brilliant wizard, and her magical abilities have helped her to gain an edge in the fiercely competitive world of banking and finance.

She owns Lor Bank, one of the city’s 4 main banking houses.

Orinna Lor

Medium Humanoid (Tiefling, Wizard: Level 15), Chaotic Good

Armor Class: 17
Hit Points: 59
Speed: 30ft.
8 (-2)
15 (+2)
13 (+1)
20 (+5)
16 (+3)
10 (0)
Saving Throws: Strength: -2 Dexterity: +4 (+2 +2) Constitution: +2 (+1 +1) Intelligence: +10 (+5 +5) Wisdom: +8 (+3 +5)
Damage Resistances: Fire, Poison
Condition Immunities: Fire, Poison
Languages: Common, Elvish, Infernal, Orc
Challenge: 7 Prof Bonus: +5

Cantrips: Orinna can cast a variety of basic spells at will, including Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, and Ray of Frost.
Spellcasting: As a wizard, Orinna can prepare a number of spells each day, which she can cast using her spell slots. She has access to a wide range of spells, including spells for offense, defense, and utility.
Ritual Casting: Orinna can cast any wizard spell that has the ritual tag as a ritual, without needing to expend a spell slot.
Arcane Recovery: Once per day, Orinna can recover some of her expended spell slots by taking a short rest.
Spell Mastery: Orinna has mastered two wizard spells, allowing her to cast them at will without expending a spell slot. She has chosen the spells Shield and Misty Step.
Signature Spells: Orinna has chosen two additional spells to be her signature spells. These spells are always prepared for her, and she can cast them once per long rest without expending a spell slot. She has chosen the spells Teleportation Circle and Meteor Swarm.
Arcane Tradition: Orinna has specialized in the School of Divination, which grants her additional abilities related to scrying, divination, and foretelling the future.
Portent: Orinna can roll two d20s at the start of each day and record the numbers. At any point during that day, she can substitute one of her rolls with one of the numbers she recorded. This ability allows her to manipulate fate and ensure the success of important actions.
Third Eye: Orinna can use her action to gain truesight for 1 minute, allowing her to see through illusions and disguises.
Expert Divination: Orinna can cast divination spells more efficiently, requiring only half the usual time and cost.
The Third Eye Opens: Orinna can use an action to gain information about a creature or object within 60 feet of her. She can learn its current emotional state, its primary motivation, and any other relevant details that the DM deems appropriate. This ability can be used once per day.


Luxury robes, Spellbook, Staff of Power, a large selection of fine gold jewelry including +4 amulet of protection.

Note: Nothing is set in stone, these are only suggested and partial details because Aranthaen characters are simply canvases for DMs to make their own!

Despite her age (70) Orinna is still a force to be reckoned with, and she is fiercely dedicated to protecting her family’s fortune. She is often seen attending high-level business meetings and events with her much younger partner and former bodyguard, Anakis Obel – the love of her life.

The Aranthaes rumor-mill whispers that Anakis is only with Orinna for her money but those who know them both, say they’re the happiest couple they’ve ever met.

While Orinna is the brains behind the banking operation, Anakis now acts as the brawn, and she is always ready to defend Orinna and the family’s interests at a moment’s notice – despite Orinna already having staff to do this. Once a bodyguard, always a bodyguard.

Personality Traits: Orinna is very outspoken. She has a keen intellect but often speaks without thinking and her lack of social skills can rub others up the wrong way. She means well and never means to offend, and thankfully her friends and colleagues are used to her ways.

Ideals: Orinna believes in the power of knowledge and the importance of careful planning, in spite of her chaotic nature.

Bonds: Orinna is fiercely protective of her business, her wealth and Anakis. She will do anything to ensure her legacy is passed onto Anakis despite Anakis not being True Born. This, has caused much discussion inside the city’s noble tielfing society.

Flaws: As mentioned, Orinna can be socially awkward saying the wrong things at the wrong time to the wrong people. Thanks to her status this is largely overlooked but can be awkward for those present. Luckily most who know her, know her.