In Aranthaes, the concept of being “true born” is deeply ingrained in the culture and society of the city. It refers to the idea that certain families have an ancient and illustrious lineage, dating back to the earliest days of the city’s founding. These families are believed to have played a key role in the city’s development and history, and are thus considered to be of superior stock.

This belief is based on the idea that the first settlers of Aranthaes were a select group of individuals who possessed exceptional skills, knowledge, and abilities that allowed them to thrive and establish the city.

These individuals were believed to have been specially chosen by the city’s patron goddess, Lady Bune, and were thus blessed with divine favor and power. Over time, their descendants became the city’s most powerful and influential families, and their bloodlines were believed to be the key to the city’s continued success.

Some heretical scholars suggest that the original true born blood line began as human and that it was these humans who sired the first generation of Aranthaen tieflings after lying with Lady Bune.

No matter the history, the concept of being “true born” is often used to justify the privileged status of certain families in Aranthaes. These families are given preferential treatment in matters of business, politics, and social status, and are seen as the natural leaders of the city. Those who are not “true born” are often looked down upon and are considered to be of inferior stock.

This way of thinking can lead to social and economic inequality within the city, and has the potential to cause tension and conflict between different groups of people. However, many in Aranthaes see it as a natural and necessary part of the city’s social structure, and are proud to be part of the system honoring those with a direct link to Lady Bune.

True Born Family Names

The five accepted True Born families in Aranthaes are Thorne, Drak, Morell and Lor – all tieflings – with the fifth family, Morley, being human.

Only True Born families can use the likeness of Lady Bune on their crests as she is generally accepted to be part of their family lineage.

Scholars note that the Morley name branches from Morell near the start of documented records and as such many tieflings consider the Morells to have once been Tiefling, subsequently diluted by millennia of human blood.

Drak: The Drak family has the oldest and most thoroughly documented family history dating back over 1000 years, which has been confirmed as accurate by scholars in the church.

The family was instrumental in helping build the city, offering up family-owned lands and building upon them at great personal expense – land that now forms Aranthaes Wynds.

The family crest depicts a draconic Lady Bune pictured standing over the third Holy Mother, Eryntas Drak and features the family’s battle shield and seal.


Thorne: The Thorne family claims to have a history at least as long as the Draks, but key sections of this have been lost through time in a series of fires – and as such the church cannot say their history is full and true. Nevertheless, the Thorne family is documented as having included the second Holy Mother Moranna Thorne, after Holy Mother Elara.

Thornes have been responsible for much of the building work in High Aranthaes and were responsible for funding and building High Temple, the seat of Aranthaen religious power.

The Thorne crest depicts Lady Bune and Holy Mother walking as equals and as friends.


Morell: The Morell name is synonymous with banking in the city, with the Morells having run much of it’s banking for several hundred years.

Whilst their documented family history has fallen victim to a number of fires over the centuries, the Morell name can clearly be seen carved on one of the city’s oldest stone artifacts – a primitive carving of Lady Bune and Holy Mother – meaning their name is at least as old as the founding of the first Aranthaen city.

The Morell crest features a draconic Lady Bune with her three Erinyes as they arrived in the mortal realm.


Lor: The Lor Family has an unbroken documented family history dating back over 800 years and this true born family is known for having started the first Aranthaes City Guard 540 years ago.

They are a powerful family with longstanding links to the military, to the Defenders of the Mother and to the work of spreading Lady Bune’s words across the land.

The Lor crest features a draconic Lady Bune reaching out to what would be her people and founders of the great city.


Morley: As the only human true born line, The Morley name isn’t treated with quite the same status or respect in tiefling circles as other true born families – however among humans, the Morleys are treated something akin to royalty.

Elements of the Morley family tree are disputed by the church, whilst some heretical scholars suggest Morley is in truth the oldest of all true born family names, being directly descended from Elara, the First Holy Mother. This belief has caused a degree of in-fighting within learned circles.

The Morley crest features Lady Bune, sitting on her golden throne, a companion animal and the Morley battle shield.