The High Temple, seat of the Church of the Mother, is a breathtaking sight, located at the pinnacle of the sacred mountain of Aranthaes. It is a grand structure built of pristine white marble, polished to a high sheen that glimmers in the sunlight. The temple is surrounded by lush gardens and sparkling fountains, tended by skilled gardeners to perfection.

It is said that the air around the temple is imbued with a sense of holiness, as if Lady Bune herself has blessed this place.

The temple’s entrance is adorned with grand columns, each intricately carved with depictions of Lady Bune’s greatest deeds and teachings. The massive wooden doors at the entrance are inlaid with gold, depicting intricate patterns and symbols that only the most learned scholars can decipher.

As you enter the temple, you are greeted by a vast open space, bathed in the soft light of thousands of candles that illuminate the polished marble floors. The air is heavy with the scent of exotic incense, wafting from the many censers hung throughout the temple. The walls are decorated with grand frescoes, each depicting a different chapter of Lady Bune’s life, from her time as a fearsome dragon to her transformation into a wise and benevolent being.

At the center of the temple is the grand throne of Lady Bune, a towering edifice of gold and precious jewels, encrusted with glittering gemstones that shimmer in the light. The throne is surrounded by offerings and gifts from the city’s people, from piles of gold and silver to rare and exotic flowers, all given as thanks for Lady Bune’s blessings.

The temple is also home to a vast library, containing scrolls and tomes that detail the history of Lady Bune, her teachings, and the city of Aranthaes itself. The library is manned by a group of learned scholars, who study the ancient texts and guard their knowledge with fierce pride.

No matter your beliefs, once inside High Temple you can’t help but feel a sense of awe and reverence. The High Temple is not just a place of worship but a testament to the beauty and elegance of the city of Aranthaes itself, and the divine presence of Lady Bune watching over it.

Encounters – Exterior

High Temple can become very busy at times. Roll a d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A group of 3 (1d4) zealous acolytes demand a tithe from all who walk around High Temple.
    Acolytes: AC 12, HP 10, mace (1d6), chain mail.
  2. A priestess is leading a solemn funeral procession through the halls, and may request the party’s assistance in laying the deceased to rest.
    Priestess: AC 15, HP 40, longsword (1d8+2), shield.
  3. A pair of paladins are in heated discussion with a cleric over the interpretation of Lady Bune’s teachings, and may engage the party in debate.
    Paladins: AC 18, HP 60, greatsword (2d6+3), plate armor. Cleric: AC 14, HP 30, mace (1d6), chain mail.
  4. A thief has infiltrated the temple and is attempting to steal from the offering boxes.
    Thief: AC 13, HP 15, short sword (1d6), leather armor.
  5. A group of worshippers 4 (2d4) are engaged in a lively debate about the nature of Lady Bune and may ask the party for their opinion.
    Worshippers: AC 10, HP 6, no weapons or armor.
  6. A high-ranking priest is overseeing the training of new acolytes and may offer to bless the party.
    Priest: AC 16, HP 50, mace (1d6), chain mail.
  7. A group of 4 (1d6) fanatical cultists are performing a ritual and may become hostile if interrupted.
    Cultists: AC 11, HP 8, dagger (1d4), no armor.
  8. A wandering bard is performing a tribute to Lady Bune and may offer to perform for the party for a small donation.
    Bard: AC 12, HP 18, rapier (1d8), leather armor.
  9. A visiting cleric from a foreign land may request the party’s assistance in finding a rare herb needed for a healing potion.
    Cleric: AC 15, HP 35, mace (1d6), chain mail.
  10. A group of 2 (1d4) mercenaries hired to help protect the High Temple from a rumored attack may become suspicious of the party’s presence.
    Mercenaries: AC 16, HP 40, longsword (1d8+2), shield, chain mail.

Encounters – Interior

Once inside High Temple there’s an opportunity to meet some of Aranthaes’ finest, among the worshippers. Roll a d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A group of 4 (1d4+1) acolytes chanting and performing a purification ritual.
    Acolytes: AC 12, HP 9, unarmed.
  2. A lone cleric of Lady Bune meditating in a quiet corner.
    Cleric: AC 16, HP 35, mace (1d6+2), chain mail.
  3. A group of 3 (1d4) visiting pilgrims seeking a blessing from Holy Mother.
    Pilgrims: AC 10, HP 6, unarmed.
  4. Holy Mother is delivering a sermon to a large congregation. Her 3 Erinyes bodyguards are present.
    See Major Character pages for Holy Mother, Alekto, Tisi and Gaera.
  5. A senior member of the Defenders of the Mother (Orlonas Dasir) is seeking an audience with Holy Mother.
    See Major Character page.
  6. Two (1d2) acolytes discussing the finer points of doctrine.
    Acolytes: AC 12, HP 9, unarmed.
  7. A group of 4 (1d6+1) initiates undergoing a training exercise, overseen by Rilith Jol’gonas
    Initiates: AC 13, HP 12, quarterstaff (1d6+1), leather armor. See Major Character page.
  8. A wealthy merchant (Orilia Thorne) is seeking to make a large donation to the temple.
    See Major Character page.
  9. A group of 2 (1d4) paladins of Lady Bune patrolling the temple grounds.
    Paladins: AC 18, HP 45, longsword (1d8+3), plate armor.
  10. A lone bard strumming a lute and entertaining a small group of worshippers.
    Bard: AC 12, HP 20, short sword (1d6), leather armor.
  11. A pair of (1d2) scribes copying ancient texts for the temple’s library.
    Scribes: AC 10, HP 8, unarmed.
  12. Eryndor and a group of 3 (1d4) temple guards keeping watch over the inner sanctum.
    Guards: AC 16, HP 30, halberd (1d10+2), chain mail. See Major Character page.