The great banks of Aranthaes are some of the most impressive and imposing buildings in the city, symbolizing the immense wealth and power of its merchant class. There are four great banks in the city, one in each of Aranthaes City’s commercial quarters, each managed by the most experienced and trustworthy financiers.

Aranthaes Bank, based in the Jewellery Quarter is the largest and most valuable of all of Aranthaes’ banks. It is a massive stone structure with an impressive marble façade that stretches for several blocks. Part of the Aranthaes Mint complex, the building is surrounded by a large courtyard with a central fountain and is watched over day and night by a specialist battalion of the City Guard. The interior of the bank is equally impressive, with towering ceilings, ornate columns, and intricate frescoes depicting the city’s history. The bank itself is owned by the de Vries family, but the rest of the complex including the Mint is owned by the Church of the Mother and managed by Orilia Thorne on the church’s behalf.

The bank in the Textile District, Lor Bank, is smaller but no less impressive. Its façade is made of red brick and is adorned with intricate carvings of mythological creatures and symbols of wealth and prosperity. The bank’s interior is more modest than its gold-encrusted counterpart, but it still exudes an air of wealth and power, with rows of marble counters, ornate chandeliers, and plush leather armchairs for its clients. Lor Bank is owned and managed by Orinna Lor.

The Morell Vaults bank in the Theater District is Aranthaes’ most exclusive bank. Only the wealthiest and most influential clients are allowed entry into its hallowed halls, and even then, only by invitation from it’s owners Malemon and Criella Morell. The bank’s exterior is relatively plain, but its interior is a treasure trove of marble and gold leaf, with plush carpets and polished golden fixtures.

The bank in the Grand Bazaar, Drak Depository, is the most bustling of them all. The bank’s exterior is a blend of brick and marble, with large windows that let in natural light. Inside, it is a hive of activity, with dozens of clerks attending to the needs of merchants and adventurers alike. Despite its busy atmosphere, the bank is renowned for its security, and many of the city’s most valuable treasures are stored within its vast vaults. Drak Depository is owned by the Drak family, headed by Damakos Drak.

In fact all four major banks in Aranthaes are renowned for their security, and they take great care to protect their clients’ wealth and valuables. They also play a vital role in the city’s economy, providing loans, financing expeditions, issuing gold certificates and facilitating trade with other cities and nations.