The theater district of Aranthaes is a bustling and vibrant area, filled with grand venues and lively street performers. The district is centered around a wide avenue called the Boulevard of Arts, which is lined with theaters, concert halls, and galleries.

The most famous venue in the district is the Royal Opera House, an enormous building with an ornate façade of marble and gold leaf. The interior is equally grand, with plush red velvet seats and a ceiling painted with scenes from famous operas. The opera house hosts regular performances, and it is a popular destination for visitors to Aranthaes, nobility and the wealthy merchant classes.

Next to the Royal Opera House is the Royal Theater, a smaller but still grand building that stages plays, musicals, and ballets. The theater has a more intimate feel than the opera house, with a smaller stage and a cozier auditorium. Its ornate interior is decorated with murals and carvings that depict scenes from favorite plays and musicals.

Beyond the two royal theaters, the Boulevard of Arts is also home to many smaller theaters and concert halls. These include the Aranthaes Playhouse, which stages smaller, locally written productions; the Music Hall, which hosts performances by local and visiting musicians; and the Arcadia, a venue for music and dance.

Outside of the theaters, the streets of the district are alive with street performers, artists, and vendors selling arty souvenirs and luxurious snacks. Acrobats perform daring stunts, musicians play classical and folk music, and magicians and clowns entertain children and adults alike. The district also boasts many fine restaurants, cafes, and bars, making it a popular destination for a night out in the city.