The Red Cloaks are a highly organized and ruthless band of bandits who have been terrorizing the trade routes leading to Aranthaes for several years. They are known for their distinctive red cloaks and their willingness to use violence to achieve their goals.

The group is led by Robynne, a half-elf crime-lord. She rules her band with an iron fist and is not afraid to make an example out of anyone who crosses her. Under her leadership, the Red Cloaks have become one of the most feared criminal organizations in the region.

The Red Cloaks are comprised of a mix of humans, half-elves, and other races, many of whom were once honest merchants or tradespeople who were lured into the gang with promises of wealth and power. The bandits operate in small groups, often hiding out in the dense forests and rocky canyons along the northern trade routes. They are well-armed and well-trained, and are known for their use of ambush tactics to take their victims by surprise.

One of the Red Cloaks’ most feared weapons is their use of torture. They have been known to capture and torture their victims in order to extract information about valuable cargo or trade routes. They are also notorious for their brutal treatment of anyone who tries to resist them or stand in their way.

Despite the efforts of the city guard and the merchant police, the Red Cloaks have managed to evade capture for years. Some believe that they have powerful allies within the city who are protecting them from prosecution.

Others suggest that Robynne’s cunning and resourcefulness are simply too great for the authorities to overcome. Whatever the reason, the Red Cloaks continue to pose a significant threat to the trade routes leading to Aranthaes, and merchants are advised to exercise caution when traveling through the region without military or merchant police backup.