Fitzgerald Morley is one of the wealthiest and most powerful merchants in Aranthaes. Overly proud of his true born family status, Fitzgerald is a pompous and highly opinionated man. He may be a deeply flawed character but without question, he has the sharpest business acumen in the city.

He is a master of manipulation and has a network of spies that keep him informed of the goings-on in the city. He is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his business interests, including making deals with the criminal underworld.

Fitzgerald Morley

Medium Humanoid (Human, Rogue: Level 10), Chaotic Neutral

Armor Class: 16
Hit Points: 87
Speed: 30ft.
14 (+2)
16 (+3)
14 (+2)
18 (+4)
12 (+1)
18 (+4)
Saving Throws: Strength: +2, Dexterity: +7 (+3 +4) Constitution: +4 (+2 +2) Intelligence: +8 (+4 +4) Wisdom: +1 Charisma: +8 (+4 +4)
Damage Resistances:
Condition Immunities:
Languages: Common, Elvish, Infernal, Orc
Challenge: 6 Prof Bonus: +4

Cunning Action: As a bonus action, Fitzgerald Morley can take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.
Master of Intrigue: Fitzgerald Morley has proficiency in two of the following skills: Deception, Insight, Intimidation, or Persuasion.
Master of Tactics: Fitzgerald Morley can use the Help action as a bonus action on his turn. Additionally, he can grant advantage to an ally’s attack by using the Help action from up to 30 feet away.


Fitzgerald Morley is always dressed in the finest clothing and carries a cane that doubles as a sword. He also has a few magical trinkets, including a +4 ring of protection and a cloak of elvenkind.

Note: Nothing is set in stone, these are only suggested and partial details because Aranthaen characters are simply canvases for DMs to make their own!

Fitzgerald grew up in the wealthiest merchant family in Aranthaes and learned the tricks of the trade at a young age. He joined the family business at the age of 8 and quickly rose to prominence – and is now the head of both the family and the Morley business empire.

He has a reputation for being ruthless in business dealings, but he is deeply respected for his unfailing ability to get things done.

The Morley’s company of private merchant police are famously viscous in the way they protect Morley assets and business interests, with zero tolerance of theft and fraud in any of Fitzgerald’s undertakings – which is ironic as they are also the most corrupt police force in the city – and are universally disliked by all other law-makers in the city.

Morley is an outspoken critic of the city’s wealth distribution plans – The Gift of Plenty and it’s sister plan The Mother’s Bounty. He is actively campaigning to have the bounty reduced saying that it takes away any need for the poor to make their own lives better.