Aranthaes is home to thousands of thriving businesses but there are 7 families who hold as much wealth and power as all the rest of the merchants combined.

In a city with no formal royal family, the wealthy merchants of Aranthaes are more than happy to take the place of kings and queens – the total of their wealth and power greater than that of many kingdoms.

The 7 families run much of the city, from it’s banks to the city council, the private merchant police watching over their business interests with an iron fist.

If there are names to be wary of in your dealings within the city, it’s these:

The Thorne Family – The Thorne Trading Company is one of the oldest and most respected merchant houses in the city. They specialize in the production of the finest fabrics under the name House of D’Artois, importing and exporting luxury goods, and the mining and refining of precious metals. The Thornes are one of 5 ‘true born‘ Aranthaen teifling lineages tracing their family line back to the founding of the city. The head of the family is currently Orilia Thorne although this has in of itself caused some in-fighting within the clan as she is unmarried and has no heir, putting the future of the family at potential risk.

The Morley Family – Another of Aranthaes’ true born legacies, The Morleys are the wealthiest and largest merchant family in the city, with holdings in multiple industries, including textiles, mining, and agriculture. They are also known for their philanthropy and are major patrons of the arts and culture in Aranthaes. Head of the Morley family is the slightly pompous Fitzgerald Morley, a large and highly opinionated man, but with the sharpest business acumen in the city.

The Drak Family – A true born family with the longest traceable history – a proven lineage running back to the time Aranthaes was said to be founded – the Drak name is synonymous with Arantheas and the city’s banking trade. Current family head Damakos Drak has a legendary mind for business and is said to be the city’s single wealthiest citizen. His life is steeped in tragedy having lost his beloved wife and only son in an assassination attempt on his life. The Draks run Drak Depository, the busiest bank in Aranthaes, and own the entirety of Aranthaes Wynds.

The Morell Family – The Morrells are a true born tiefling family, very successful merchants trading in a wide variety of goods and services in both Aranthaes Wynds and Aranthaes City. The highly exclusive Morell Vaults private bank is their biggest success, created and grown by husband and wife partners Malemon and Criella Morell, where only the wealthiest and most influential clients are allowed to bank – even then, only by invitation from it’s owners. Banking with the Morells is seen as the ultimate symbol of status in the city.

The Lor Family – The last of the city’s true born lineages, the Lor family has all but come to an end with it’s sole surviving member, Orinna Lor now aged 70 and without an heir or any prospect of an heir. Orinna’s main business the Lor Bank attracts some very wealthy families and has made Orinna incredibly rich since she became head of the family business over 50 years ago. Her current partner, Anakis Obel is widely expected to take over the business on Orinna’s death but the family name and bloodline will be lost.

The de Vries Family – Originally hailing from the neighboring kingdom, the de Vries family moved to Aranthaes several generations ago and have since established themselves as prominent merchants. They are particularly skilled in banking and finance, and are known for their shrewd business sense. They run one of the city’s main banks and are bitterly angry that they lost out to Orilia Thorne in their bid to manage Aranthaes Mint. Saul de Vries is the current de Vries patriarch and runs their banking business with a firm grip and eagle eye.

The Oudasi Family – The Oudasi are a relatively new merchant family to the city, having only established themselves in the last century. But what a rise to prominence! Within the past 30 years they have become the fourth richest family in the city, which has ruffled more than a few feathers. They specialize in rare and exotic goods, including magical artifacts and rare spices. Rumors are rife that they have connections to the criminal underworld and the Oudasis are somewhat shunned by other leading merchant families although none of them would admit to their reasons for this in polite society. Khamsa Oudasi is the leader of the family despite his youth, thanks to his business acumen and charisma.