Arcane Curiosities is a small and humble shop tucked away in a dimly-lit corner of Aranthaes Wynds. Its sign is faded and weathered, and the shop itself is far less imposing than its fabled counterpart Emporium of the Magi.

The walls are lined with shelves made of rough-hewn wood, and the items on display are far less impressive than those found in the Emporium of the Magi.

The owner of the Arcane Curiosities is a wiry, grizzled human named Grigori, who is rumored to have once been a wizard of some skill but fell on hard times. He is often found sitting in a creaky old armchair, surrounded by stacks of dusty old tomes and cracked glass orbs. His staff is sparse, consisting of only a few apprentices who are just learning the arcane arts.

Despite its shabby appearance and lack of impressive items, Arcane Curiosities still manages to attract a certain clientele. Adventurers on a budget and those just starting their magical studies often come to peruse the humble wares on display. Sometimes powerful and forgotten relics can wait hidden on it’s dusty shelves ready to be discovered. Prices here are far more reasonable than those in The Emporium of the Magi, with even the most powerful of enchanted items costing no more than a few hundred gold pieces.

Visitors to Arcane Curiosities should not expect to find the most powerful artifacts or the most knowledgeable staff, but sometimes, somehow, the greatest treasures can be unearthed – or at least that’s what Grigori says to anyone who will listen.

For those on a tight budget or just starting out on their magical journey, Arcane Curiosities is a good place to begin.