The Mother’s Guard is a large inn located in the heart of Aranthaes Wynds, catering specifically to soldiers and other members of the military. The building is made of sturdy stone and wood, with a green and gold banner hanging above the entrance depicting a shield with a dragon, sword and crown.

Inside, the common room is spacious and well-lit, with sturdy wooden tables and chairs arranged in neat rows. The decor is regimented and disciplined, with swords and shields hanging on the walls, and a painting of Lady Bune as a splendid golden and emerald dragon is displayed proudly above the hearth.

The owner of The Mother’s Guard is a retired general named Aric, who is known for his strict adherence to military protocol and discipline. He runs the inn with a firm hand, and expects his staff and customers to do the same. The staff at The Mother’s Guard are all former soldiers themselves, hired by Aric for their experience and knowledge.

Despite its military focus, The Mother’s Guard is a popular destination for travelers of all kinds, drawn by the well-appointed rooms and excellent service. The inn is particularly popular with soldiers, city guard and other members of the military, who appreciate the sense of camaraderie and discipline that permeates the establishment.

Prices at The Mother’s Guard are very reasonable, despite the high quality of the accommodations and the expertise of the staff. Subsidized rooms are available for a few silver pieces a night, and food and drink are available for a few copper pieces. Overall The Mother’s Guard is a well-regarded establishment, one of the best and most popular in Aranthaes Wynds thanks to its high standards and excellent service and a city-funded subsidy.


In Aranthaes Wynds, there’s no such thing as a quiet drink. Roll d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A group of 3 (1d6) merchants sitting around a table, trading goods.
    Merchants: AC 12, HP 25, dagger (1d4), leather armor.
  2. A heavily armed group of 3 (1d4) adventurers discussing their next mission.
    Adventurers: AC 16, HP 40 each, longsword (1d8+3), chainmail armor.
  3. A group of 5 (1d8+1) rowdy off-duty soldiers belting out military songs and drinking heavily.
    Soldiers: AC 12, HP 20 each, fists (1d4).
  4. A well-dressed nobleman conducting business with a group of associates in the corner booth.
    Nobleman: AC 12, HP 25, rapier (1d8), leather armor.
  5. A group of 6 (1d6+2) rowdy off-duty merchant police drinking heavily in the corner of the inn.
    Merchant Police: AC 12, HP 10, unarmed
  6. A grizzled veteran soldier regaling anyone who will listen with war stories.
    Soldier: AC 16, HP 50, longsword (1d8+2), chain mail
  7. A wealthy merchant drinking wine and boasting about his latest business deals.
    Merchant: AC 12, HP 25, dagger (1d4), fine clothes
  8. A pair of City Guards enjoying a drink after a long shift.
    Guards: AC 17, HP 50, shortsword (1d6+2), chain mail
  9. A flamboyant entertainer putting on a show for the patrons.
    Entertainer: AC 10, HP 8, daggers (1d4), colorful clothes
  10. A group of 4 (2d4) adventurers discussing their latest quest and seeking information on their next destination.
    Adventurers: AC 14, HP 30, various weapons and armor