The Tilted Crown is a small and dingy inn located on a narrow street near the edge of Aranthaes Wynds. The building is made of rough-hewn wood, with a wooden sign hanging next to the door that reads “The Tilted Crown” in faded letters.

Inside, the inn is dimly lit and sparsely furnished, with a few rickety tables and chairs scattered around the common room. The walls are stained and peeling, and the air is thick with the smell of smoke and stale ale. The rooms are basic and cramped, with thin mattresses on creaky bed frames and threadbare blankets.

The owner of The Tilted Crown is a grizzled old man named Bertram, who can usually be found sitting behind the bar, smoking a pipe and scowling at anyone who comes in. He is not a friendly man, and is known to be surly and short-tempered with both customers and staff.

Despite its poor quality, The Tilted Crown is popular with a certain type of traveler – those who are on a tight budget and don’t mind roughing it for a night or two. The inn is also popular with locals who are looking for a cheap place to drink and socialize. Prices at The Tilted Crown are very low, with rooms available for a few copper pieces a night, and food and drink available for much the same.

The staff at The Tilted Crown are a ragtag group of misfits and ne’er-do-wells, hired by Bertram for their willingness to work long hours for low pay. They are not particularly skilled or attentive, and the service at the inn can be slow and surly. Despite this, many customers enjoy the rough-and-tumble atmosphere of the inn, and appreciate the no-frills approach to hospitality.


In Aranthaes Wynds, there’s no such thing as a quiet drink. Roll d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A group of 3 (1d6) shady merchants huddled around a table, trading illicit goods.
    Merchants: AC 12, HP 25, dagger (1d4), leather armor.
  2. A heavily armed group of 3 (1d4) adventurers discussing their next mission.
    Adventurers: AC 16, HP 40 each, longsword (1d8+3), chainmail armor.
  3. A group of 4 (1d6) halfling thieves quietly plotting a heist.
    Thieves: AC 13, HP 20 each, short sword (1d6), leather armor.
  4. A group of 3 (1d4) smugglers making a deal with a shady merchant in the back room.
    Smugglers: AC 14, HP 25 each, short sword (1d6), leather armor.
  5. A well-dressed nobleman (Wyshard Denbew) looking very out of place.
    See Major Character page.
  6. A pair of bounty hunters discussing their latest quarry in hushed tones.
    Bounty hunters: AC 13, HP 25 each, hand crossbow (1d6), leather armor.
  7. A pair of shady figures playing a game of cards, with a large sum of gold on the table.
    Card players: AC 11, HP 15, unarmed, 280gp
  8. A group of 3 (2d4) mercenaries looking for work, boasting about their combat skills.
    Mercenaries: AC 15, HP 40, longsword (1d8+1), chain mail
  9. A group of 4 (2d4) adventurers discussing their latest quest and seeking information on their next destination.
    Adventurers: AC 14, HP 30, various weapons and armor
  10. A pair of halfling thieves trying to pickpocket the unwary patrons.
    Halfling thieves: AC 13, HP 15, short sword (1d6), leather armor