The Ranger’s Rest is a humble building made of rough stone and wood, located in the heart of the Wynds. It is a modest two-story structure with a stable out back, where adventurers can leave their mounts. The hostel is owned by a retired ranger named Bryn, who is known for his gruff but fair demeanor.

Inside, the hostel is simple but well-maintained. The ground floor contains a common room with a fireplace and several large tables where adventurers can gather to plan their journeys or share stories of their past exploits. There is also a small kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals, as well as a common washroom with several hot baths.

Upstairs, there are several bunk rooms with simple but sturdy beds, each with a chest for storing personal belongings. The rooms are divided by gender and can accommodate up to ten guests each. The hostel also provides bed linens, blankets, and pillows, though guests are encouraged to bring their own if they prefer.

The Ranger’s Rest is popular with adventurers of all kinds, from young and inexperienced hopefuls to seasoned veterans. Prices are very reasonable, with a bed for the night costing only a few silver pieces. Bryn is known for his willingness to share advice and guidance with those seeking it, and many adventurers leave the hostel feeling more prepared and confident for their journeys.


In Aranthaes Wynds, there’s no such thing as a quiet drink. Roll d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A group of 5 (1d10) gamblers crowded around a table, playing a high-stakes game of cards.
    Gamblers: AC 11, HP 15 each, dagger (1d4), leather armor. 210gp
  2. A heavily armed group of 3 (1d4) adventurers discussing their next mission.
    Adventurers: AC 16, HP 40 each, longsword (1d8+3), chainmail armor.
  3. A group of 4 (1d6+2) disreputable-looking locals drinking and smoking at the bar.
    Locals: AC 11, HP 15 each, club (1d6), no armor.
  4. A pair of bounty hunters discussing their latest quarry in hushed tones.
    Bounty hunters: AC 13, HP 25 each, hand crossbow (1d6), leather armor.
  5. A grizzled veteran soldier regaling anyone who will listen with war stories.
    Soldier: AC 16, HP 50, longsword (1d8+2), chain mail
  6. A mysterious figure shrouded in a cloak, sitting alone in a dark corner of the inn.
    Mysterious figure: AC 15, HP 30, shortsword (1d6+2), leather armor
  7. A group of 3 (2d4) mercenaries looking for work, boasting about their combat skills.
    Mercenaries: AC 15, HP 40, longsword (1d8+1), chain mail
  8. A pair of City Guards enjoying a drink after a long shift.
    Guards: AC 17, HP 50, shortsword (1d6+2), chain mail
  9. A flamboyant entertainer putting on a show for the patrons.
    Entertainer: AC 10, HP 8, daggers (1d4), colorful clothes
  10. A group of 4 (2d4) adventurers discussing their latest quest and seeking information on their next destination.
    Adventurers: AC 14, HP 30, various weapons and armor