The Rusty Dagger is a seedy tavern located in a dingy corner of Aranthaes Wynds’ Red Lantern district.

It is known for its cheap drinks, rowdy atmosphere, and questionable clientele. The exterior of the tavern is rundown and shabby, with peeling paint and a literal rusty dagger swinging above the door.

Inside, the Rusty Dagger is dimly lit, with a thick haze of smoke and the smell of stale ale permeating the air. The walls are adorned with hunting trophies, crude drawings, and other miscellaneous objects, all of which appear to be of dubious origin. The furnishings are mismatched and worn, with rickety chairs and uneven tables.

The patrons of the Rusty Dagger are a rough crowd, mostly consisting of mercenaries, smugglers, and other unsavory characters. Brawls and drunken arguments are common, and the atmosphere can quickly turn violent. Despite its reputation, however, the Rusty Dagger is a popular gathering spot for adventurers and mercenaries looking for work or to recruit new members for their parties.

The bar is staffed by a gruff and burly bartender, who is quick to dispense drinks but slow to tolerate any nonsense. The prices at the Rusty Dagger are cheap, with a mug of ale or a shot of cheap whiskey costing only a few copper pieces. The food, however, is best avoided.

Despite its rough edges and unsavory reputation, the Rusty Dagger has become a fixture of Aranthaes Wynds and is even considered a bit of a tourist attraction for those looking for an authentic and gritty Wynds experience.


In Aranthaes Wynds, there’s no such thing as a quiet drink. Roll d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A group of 4 (1d4) drunken mercenaries causing a ruckus in the common room.
    Mercenaries: AC 15, HP 35, longsword (1d8+2), chainmail armor.
  2. A group of 3 (1d6) shady merchants huddled around a table, trading illicit goods.
    Merchants: AC 12, HP 25, dagger (1d4), leather armor.
  3. A group of 5 (1d10) gamblers crowded around a table, playing a high-stakes game of cards.
    Gamblers: AC 11, HP 15 each, dagger (1d4), leather armor.
  4. A group of 4 (1d6) halfling thieves quietly plotting a heist.
    Thieves: AC 13, HP 20 each, short sword (1d6), leather armor.
  5. A group of 3 (1d4) smugglers making a deal with a shady merchant in the back room.
    Smugglers: AC 14, HP 25 each, short sword (1d6), leather armor.
  6. A group of 5 (1d8+1) rowdy sailors belting out sea shanties and drinking heavily.
    Sailors: AC 12, HP 20 each, fists (1d4).
  7. A group of 4 (1d6+2) disreputable-looking locals drinking and smoking at the bar.
    Locals: AC 11, HP 15 each, club (1d6), no armor.
  8. A pair of bounty hunters discussing their latest quarry in hushed tones.
    Bounty hunters: AC 13, HP 25 each, hand crossbow (1d6), leather armor.
  9. A group of 6 (1d6+2) rowdy patrons drinking heavily in the corner of the inn.
    Patrons: AC 12, HP 10, unarmed
  10. A group of 3 (1d4+1) thieves discussing a recent heist they pulled off.
    Thieves: AC 13, HP 25, short sword (1d6), leather armor