The Serpent’s Nest is a sprawling three-story building made of brick and stone, with several wings and courtyards. It is owned by a gregarious half-elf named Erevan, who is known for his hospitality and charm.

Inside, the hostel is bustling with activity. The ground floor contains a large common area with comfortable seating, tables for dining, and a fireplace for warmth. There is also a small bar where guests can purchase ale and mead, and a common kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals. The kitchen is well-equipped with a variety of pots, pans, and utensils, as well as a large oven and multiple stovetops.

The upper floors of the hostel contain a variety of dormitory-style rooms, each with several bunks for guests to sleep on. There are also a few private rooms available for those seeking more privacy. All rooms come with basic bedding and access to shared bathrooms and showers.

The Serpent’s Nest is a popular destination for budget travelers and adventurers of all kinds. Prices are very affordable, with a bed for the night costing only a few silver pieces. Erevan is known for his lively personality and willingness to help guests plan their journeys or find local attractions to visit. Many adventurers leave the hostel feeling excited and ready for their next great adventure.


In Aranthaes Wynds, there’s no such thing as a quiet drink. Roll d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A heavily armed group of 3 (1d4) adventurers discussing their next mission.
    Adventurers: AC 16, HP 40 each, longsword (1d8+3), chainmail armor.
  2. A well-dressed nobleman conducting business with a group of associates in the corner booth. Nobleman: AC 12, HP 25, rapier (1d8), leather armor.
  3. A group of 6 (1d6+2) rowdy patrons drinking heavily in the corner of the inn.
    Patrons: AC 12, HP 10, unarmed
  4. A lone bard performing for tips in the corner of the inn.
    Bard: AC 10, HP 8, lute (1d4), common clothes
  5. A grizzled veteran soldier regaling anyone who will listen with war stories.
    Soldier: AC 16, HP 50, longsword (1d8+2), chain mail
  6. A group of 3 (2d4) mercenaries looking for work, boasting about their combat skills.
    Mercenaries: AC 15, HP 40, longsword (1d8+1), chain mail
  7. A pair of City Guards enjoying a drink after a long shift.
    Guards: AC 17, HP 50, shortsword (1d6+2), chain mail
  8. A group of 3 (2d4) scholars discussing ancient texts and artifacts.
    Scholars: AC 10, HP 8, unarmed
  9. A flamboyant entertainer putting on a show for the patrons.
    Entertainer: AC 10, HP 8, daggers (1d4), colorful clothes
  10. A group of 4 (2d4) adventurers discussing their latest quest and seeking information on their next destination.
    Adventurers: AC 14, HP 30, various weapons and armor