The area known as Aranthaes Fields is a vast expanse of fertile farmland surrounding the city of Aranthaes. The fields are renowned for their productivity and the quality of the crops they yield.

The area is primarily used for farming, with crops ranging from wheat and barley to fruits and vegetables. The fields are also home to a number of livestock farms, providing fresh meat to the city’s markets.

The farms in the Aranthaes Fields are tended by a mix of tenant farmers and large landowners who often employ laborers to help with the work. Many of the farms are family-owned, passed down through generations of the same family.

The fields are irrigated by a network of canals and waterways, managed by the Aranthaes Water and Irrigation Guild. The guild oversees the distribution of water to the fields and manages the maintenance of the irrigation systems.

The Aranthaes Fields are a vital source of food for the city, providing fresh produce year-round. The farmers and their families take great pride in their work, and many of them are active members of the local community. The fields are also a popular destination for visitors to the city, who come to enjoy the scenic countryside and the opportunity to purchase fresh, locally grown produce.


When traveling through Aranthaes Fields, roll d10 for possible encounters…

  1. A pack of 4 (1d4+2) wolves, on the hunt for their next meal.
    Wolves: AC 13, HP 11, bite (1d6+2), pack tactics.
  2. A group of 3 (1d4) hunters, tracking a deer through the woods.
    Hunters: AC 15, HP 28, longbow (1d8+2), leather armor.
  3. A farmer tending to his fields, armed with a pitchfork.
    Farmer: AC 10, HP 8, pitchfork (1d6), no armor.
  4. A flock of 10 (1d10) geese, honking loudly and pecking at anyone who comes too close.
    Geese: AC 10, HP 1, peck (1), no armor.
  5. A traveling merchant with a cart of goods, accompanied by 2 (1d4) guards.
    Merchant: AC 12, HP 20, dagger (1d4), leather armor. Guards: AC 14, HP 12, longsword (1d8), chain mail.
  6. A lone druid tending to the plants and animals of the fields, with a wolf companion.
    Druid: AC 11, HP 22, quarterstaff (1d6+2), hide armor. Wolf: AC 13, HP 11, bite (1d6+2), pack tactics.
  7. A group of 4 (1d4+2) bandits hiding in the fields, waiting to ambush travelers on the nearby road.
    Bandits: AC 13, HP 16, short sword (1d6), leather armor.
  8. A family of 6 (1d6) halflings having a picnic in the fields, sharing food and drink with anyone who passes by.
    Halflings: AC 11, HP 6, sling (1d4), no armor.
  9. A pack of 3 (1d4) dire rats, scavenging through the fields for scraps.
    Dire rats: AC 12, HP 13, bite (1d6+1), no armor.
  10. A farmer’s son practicing his archery skills, taking shots at targets set up in the fields. He misses and hits the leading member of the party (1d6) damage.
    Farmer’s son: AC 10, HP 6, shortbow (1d6), no armor.