Aranthaes Veterans is a guild made up of current, retired and injured members of the city’s guard and police forces. The guild is headquartered in a modest building located in the outskirts of the city. The guild is led by a venerated captain of the City Guard, Godwin Harewood, a gruff and no-nonsense man who takes the protection of the city very seriously.

The guild’s primary function is to provide assistance and support to its members, particularly in terms of housing, healthcare, and employment opportunities. The guild also acts as a resource for all of the city’s current militia forces, offering training and advice to young recruits.

To become a member of the Aranthaes Veterans, one must have served in the City Guard or Merchant Police for at least five years or have been honorably discharged due to injury sustained in the line of duty. Membership fees are minimal and are used to fund the guild’s various programs and activities.

The guild operates several businesses to generate income for its members, including a blacksmith shop and a carpentry workshop. The guild also provides security services for various events and functions in the city, such as festivals and markets.

Godwin Harewood maintains a strict code of conduct for members of the guild, emphasizing discipline, loyalty, and a commitment to the city’s safety. The Aranthaes Veterans have a reputation for being tough and reliable, and can be called upon by the city’s leaders to assist in times of crisis.