The Aranthaes Wagoneers guild oversees the transportation of goods in the city and along Aranthaes’ trade routes. The guild’s head, Master Havelock Stone, a grizzled human veteran who has spent decades traversing the roads and highways of the land is currently missing, a victim of bandit attacks to the north – a fact that shows just how dangerous a wagoneers job can be.

The guild operates out of a large, two-story building located in the center of Aranthaes’ bustling merchant district. Inside, members can be found conducting business, haggling over prices, and sharing tales of their travels.

Membership in the guild requires a modest initiation fee of 50 silver pieces and a monthly due of 5 silver pieces. Members are provided with access to the guild’s network of contacts and resources, including stables for their wagons, secure storage facilities, and a listing of available contracts for work.

The guild holds regular meetings to discuss business and plan routes for transporting goods throughout the city and beyond. They also hold an annual festival celebrating the wagoneer’s trade, complete with races, games, and feasts.