The Black Blades are a group of highly skilled swordsmen who terrorize trade routes to and from Aranthaes. They are known for their swift and deadly attacks, leaving no survivors behind. Their tactics are precise and calculated, and they use their speed and agility to outmaneuver their victims. They are also very secretive and efficient, rarely leaving behind any clues or witnesses.

The Black Blades are said to be led by a charismatic and ruthless leader known only as “the Blade.” Little is known about this enigmatic figure, other than that they are a master swordsman and strategist. It is rumored that the Blade was once a member of the city’s private merchant police, but was let go after his actions were seen as too much even for the notoriously corrupt merchant forces .

The Black Blades are feared throughout the region for their deadly efficiency and ruthlessness. They have been known to attack both caravans and individual travelers, taking anything of value and leaving behind a trail of bodies. They are also skilled at avoiding capture, often melting away into the shadows before the city guard or merchant police can respond.