The Blood Moon Tribe is a ferocious horde of orcs that terrorizes the trade routes around Aranthaes. They are infamous for their brutality and willingness to use extreme methods to intimidate and kill their enemies. They are led by an orc warlord named Gromm, who is known for his tactical prowess and his merciless treatment of prisoners.

The tribe is comprised of a mix of powerful warriors, skilled archers, and fearsome spellcasters. They often employ shamans and witches who use their dark magic to cast powerful spells that can cripple their enemies or summon terrifying creatures to fight for them. They are also known for their use of necromancy, raising the corpses of fallen enemies to fight alongside them.

The Blood Moon Tribe is particularly fond of crucifixion and beheading, often using these brutal methods to send a message to anyone who would dare to challenge their authority. They take great pleasure in capturing wealthy merchants and noble travelers, whom they often ransom or use for slave labor.

The tribe is feared throughout the region for their ferocity and their mastery of both martial and magical arts.