The Company of Provisioners is a prominent guild in Aranthaes, it’s members supplying the city with all manner of goods, from weaponry and armor to food and other provisions. The guild is headed by Khamsa Oudasi, a skilled merchant with a reputation for being able to find the unfindable.

The guild operates at several locations across Aranthaes, where its members maintain shops and stalls selling their wares. The Company of Provisioners is also responsible for maintaining the city’s armory, where weapons and armor are stored for use by the City Guard.

Membership in the Company of Provisioners is open to anyone who is involved in the trade of goods, including those who work in the manufacture of equipment and provisions. Prospective members must pay an initiation fee and demonstrate their knowledge of the trade. Once accepted, members are required to pay annual dues and follow the guild’s rules and regulations.

One of the most important functions of the Company of Provisioners is to ensure that the city’s guards and militia are properly equipped. The guild has a contract with the city to supply all necessary equipment and provisions to the City Guards and some battalions of the Merchant Police. Members of the guild are responsible for creating and maintaining weapons and armor, as well as providing rations and other supplies.

In addition to supplying the city’s defenders, the Company of Provisioners helps to sell it’s member’s goods on commission. They sell a variety of equipment, including weapons, armor, and other adventuring gear. They also sell food and drink, such as preserved meats, hardtack, and ale.

The guild is highly organized, with each member responsible for their own area of expertise. Some members specialize in creating weapons, while others focus on armor or provisions. Members also form partnerships to create more complex items, such as siege weapons or alchemical devices.