The Golden Lotus is a secretive and exclusive club located in a discreet alleyway in Aranthaes Wynds.

Unlike the Scarlet Harlot, the Golden Lotus is known only to a select few and is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It is said that only those who have been invited or recommended by a trusted source are allowed to enter its doors.

The exterior of the Golden Lotus is unremarkable, with no sign to indicate its presence other than some red lanterns lighting the area in front and a plain wooden door with an unknown phrase written in a foreign tongue. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a dimly lit foyer and a small reception desk staffed by a few discreet attendants. The interior is exotic, reminiscent of distant lands, with a subdued ambiance.

The courtesans of the Golden Lotus are rumored to be the most beautiful and skilled in the city. They are carefully selected and trained to cater to the most refined and discerning tastes of the Lotus’ clients. The services offered at the Golden Lotus are said to be of the highest quality.

The prices at the Golden Lotus are said to be exorbitant, reflecting the exclusivity and quality of its services. Only the wealthiest and most powerful of Aranthaes are rumored to be able to afford the services within.

Despite its secretive nature and high prices, the Golden Lotus is said to have a loyal following of clients who swear by its exceptional services and discreet reputation. It is rumored that the club has powerful connections and that its operations are protected by influential figures in the city.