The Iron Fist Clan is a well-organized orc horde that has terrorized the surrounding lands for years. They are known for their brutal tactics and skilled warriors, and have built up a fearsome reputation among travelers and merchants alike.

Led by the fearsome chieftain Gorgoth Ironfist, the clan is made up of several tribes that have banded together for strength in numbers. Gorgoth is a towering figure, even among his own kind, and wields a massive battle axe that has claimed the lives of many of his enemies.

The Iron Fist Clan’s main stronghold is a fortress built into the side of a mountain, which allows them to easily defend against attacks and ambush unsuspecting travelers. They also have several smaller camps scattered throughout the surrounding rocky terrain, where they often set up ambushes for passing caravans.

The clan’s warriors are known for their proficiency in both melee combat and archery, and their tactics often involve raining down a hail of arrows on their enemies before charging in for the kill. They are also skilled in guerrilla warfare and hit-and-run tactics, often disappearing into the rocky landscape after an attack to avoid retaliation.

Despite their fearsome reputation, the Iron Fist Clan is not without its weaknesses. Infighting and power struggles between the various tribes have been known to occur, and some members of the clan are more interested in personal gain than the success of the group as a whole. However, Gorgoth’s iron grip on the clan has so far prevented any major uprisings.

Overall, the Iron Fist Clan is a formidable force that strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare to travel the roads around Aranthaes.