The Company of Magicians is a prestigious magic guild located in the heart of Aranthaes. It is considered the primary source of magical knowledge and training in the city. The guild hall is a large, imposing structure made of white marble and is located on the outskirts of the High Aranthaes district. The building is surrounded by gardens, fountains, and stone sculptures that add to its grandeur.

The Company of Magicians offers a wide range of services to its members, including access to their extensive library of arcane texts, magical training and tutoring, as well as regular meetings and workshops. The guild also offers a number of magical services to the public, such as enchantments and spellcasting for hire.

Membership to the guild is open to any practitioner of magic, regardless of their background or experience. There is an initiation fee of 100 gold pieces and a monthly membership fee of 10 gold pieces. Members are required to attend regular meetings and contribute to the guild’s activities and research. Failure to do so may result in expulsion.

The guild is currently headed by Devtaria Drak, an accomplished sorcerer and one of Aranthaes’ true-born tieflings. Despite her young age, she is highly respected among her peers and is known for her expertise in abjuration magic. Under her leadership, the guild has expanded its services and research, and has established strong ties with other magical institutions throughout the region.

The Company of Magicians also has a strict code of conduct, which in line with Aranthaen law includes a prohibition on using magic for harmful or criminal purposes. Members who violate this code are subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion and will face legal action.

The guild is responsible for recording all visiting users of magic when they enter the city and to uphold the law, non-citizens are fitted with an amulet to limit the use of offensive magic within the city walls.

The guild hall is open to the public during certain hours, and visitors are welcome to browse the library and observe some of the guild’s activities. However, certain areas and resources are restricted to members only. The guild also holds public events and exhibitions to showcase their work and promote magic to the wider community.