Aranthaes’ policy on offensive magic is strict and enforced without exception: Non-citizens who are visiting the city and possess magical abilities are required to register with a local guild at the city entrance entrance and be fitted with an amulet that restricts their use of offensive magic within the city walls.

This policy is designed to prevent the use of magic for malicious purposes, and to protect the citizens of Aranthaes from any potential harm. As an example one errant fireball from an overly zealous adventurer burned down several residential streets in Aranthes Wynds, which has since become Aranthaes Mess.

Those found in violation of the policy can face severe consequences, including fines, imprisonment, or even banishment from the city. The use of offensive magic by non-citizens within the city walls is strictly forbidden, and anyone caught breaking this law will be dealt with harshly.

The guild responsible for enforcing this policy is The Company of Magicians, a powerful organization with links to the City Guard, The Church and the city’s elite merchant classes. The Company is responsible for regulating the use of magic within the city, and they are tasked with ensuring that all visitors with magical abilities are properly registered, monitored and their offensive magical abilities restricted.

Overall, Aranthaes’ policy on offensive magic is seen as a necessary measure to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. While it may be seen as restrictive by some, the policy is viewed as an essential step in maintaining order and preventing the misuse of magic within the city walls.

This policy does not apply to citizens.