The Dragon’s Hand is an independent guild of fighters and adventurers that operates within the city of Aranthaes and surrounding areas. Their primary mission is to protect Lady Bune‘s church and personnel, keeping them safe from harm. The guild is made up of experienced and skilled fighters who are dedicated to their cause.

The Dragon’s Hand is well funded by the Defenders of the Mother. This support allows members of the Dragon’s Hand to access fully paid for weapons, armor, and training that they need to effectively carry out their duties.

The guild is led by a council of veteran fighters, who are elected by the members of the guild. The council makes decisions about the guild’s operations, including strategy, tactics, and recruitment.

Membership in the Dragon’s Hand is open to all individuals who are dedicated to protecting Lady Bune and her church. Prospective members must undergo a rigorous selection process, which includes tests of strength, combat skills, and loyalty to the cause. Once accepted, members are required to attend regular training sessions to hone their skills and stay sharp.

The guild operates from a secret headquarters in the city, which is only known to its members. They can often be found training in the city’s back alleys and abandoned buildings, preparing for the day when they may be called upon to defend Lady Bune’s church from harm.

Although the Dragon’s Hand is an independent guild, they work closely with the City Guard to ensure that Lady Bune’s church and its followers are protected at all times. They have a reputation for being fearless and effective fighters, and many citizens of Aranthaes feel safer knowing that they are on the job.