The Honorable Company of Goldsmiths is a guild of jewelers and goldsmiths based in the jewelry quarter of Aranthaes City. Its members are highly skilled artisans who create intricate and beautiful jewelry pieces, as well as experts in the refining and casting of precious metals. The guild employs members who work in Aranthaes Mint, the world-famous producer of pure gold coins and ingots famed for their purity.

The guild is headed by Aurto Aerum, a wealthy gold dealer who is respected among the goldsmiths and jewelers of Aranthaes City. He is known for his sharp business acumen and deep market knowledge of precious metals.

Membership in the Honorable Company of Goldsmiths is highly exclusive and requires extensive training and apprenticeship under a master jeweler or goldsmith. Members must also adhere to strict ethical standards and are expected to produce only the highest quality work.

The guild operates a workshop and showroom in the jewelry quarter of the city, where members showcase their finest works and conduct business with wealthy clients. They also participate in city-wide events such as the annual Jewelry Festival, where the best and brightest in the field come together to showcase their latest creations.

In addition to their work in jewelry-making, members of the Honorable Company of Goldsmiths also work closely with Aranthaes Mint to ensure the quality and purity of their gold coins and ingots. They use their expertise to detect any impurities or flaws in the gold and make recommendations for improvements.

Overall, the Honorable Company of Goldsmiths is a highly esteemed guild in Aranthaes City, known for its exquisite craftsmanship and its commitment to the highest standards of quality in the world of jewelry-making and precious metal refining.