The Maker’s Solidarity Union is a unionized guild of the poorest workers involved in the manufacture and production of any goods within Aranthaes. The Union has become a powerful force for change, fighting for better wages, safer working conditions, and improved treatment for all laborers.

The guild has its base in Aranthaes Wynds, where they hold meetings, organize strikes and demonstrations, and coordinate their efforts to improve the lives of their members. They also have representatives stationed in each of the major factories and workshops in the city, to ensure that workers’ rights are being respected and to provide support and assistance to those who need it.

Membership in the Maker’s Solidarity Union is open to all workers, regardless of their trade or skill level. However, there is a strict vetting process to ensure that members are truly committed to the guild’s goals and values. Dues are paid on a sliding scale based on income, and members are expected to participate in guild activities and to volunteer their time and skills to help their fellow workers.

The Maker’s Solidarity Union has been instrumental in securing better wages and working conditions for its members, and has also pushed for greater regulation and oversight of the city’s factories and workshops. They are respected and feared by many of the city’s industrialists, who see them as a threat to their profits and power and are petitioning to have the guild declared illegal.