The Mason’s Hammer is a small but respected guild of stonemasons, blacksmiths and metalworkers in Aranthaes City. Their members are skilled in creating anything from stone and repairing metal objects of all kinds, from swords and armor to horseshoes and household items.

They are led by the master stonemason Gromm Stonefist, a dwarf with a gruff exterior but a heart of gold.

The guild is based in a large workshop in the Aranthaes Wynds, where they have a stone yard and several forges, with a team of apprentices learning the trades. They are known for their high-quality workmanship and their ability to create custom pieces to order.

Membership in the Mason’s Hammer is by invitation only, and members must prove their skill and dedication to the craft before they are allowed to join. Once a member, they are expected to abide by the guild’s strict code of conduct, which includes honesty, fair pricing, and respect for fellow members.

The guild also plays an important role in the community, often donating their time and services to repair public buildings and equipment. They are respected by the people of Aranthaes for their skill, integrity, and commitment to their craft.