“Swords and Silver” is an adventurers’ guild based in the heart of Aranthaes Wynds, a popular haunt for adventurers visiting the city. The guild is made up of seasoned adventurers, ranging from swordsmen and archers to mages and thieves.

Swords and Silver is a tight-knit group that places a strong emphasis on loyalty and camaraderie. Members of the guild often form close bonds with one another and will go to great lengths to protect their fellow adventurers. The guild operates out of The Serpents Nest, a famed hostelry in Aranthaes Wynds, beloved by adventurers and known for its lively atmosphere, comfortable beds and hearty meals.

To become a member of Swords and Silver, one must first prove themselves to the guild. Prospective members are required to complete a series of tasks and quests, often in the company of existing guild members. Once a member has proven their worth, they are granted full membership in the guild and are free to take part in the guild’s activities.

Swords and Silver is known for taking on dangerous and difficult missions, often at great risk to themselves. The guild’s reputation for success has earned them a great deal of respect throughout Aranthaes and beyond, and many adventurers dream of one day joining their ranks.