The Aranthaean Merchant’s Guild is the principal merchant’s guild in the city of Aranthaes. All licensed merchants in the city must register with the guild in order to conduct business within the city limits. The guild operates out of a grand hall in the center of Aranthaes City, where its members gather to discuss business, negotiate deals, and resolve disputes.

Orinna Lor is the current head of the Merchant’s Guild and owner of Lor Bank, one of the city’s four main banking houses. Orinna is a shrewd businesswoman who has worked hard to maintain the guild’s influence and power in the city. She is known for her ability to negotiate deals that benefit both the guild and its members.

The Merchant’s Guild has a complex hierarchy, with various committees and councils overseeing different aspects of the guild’s operations. Membership is open to all licensed merchants in the city, but there are different levels of membership based on the size and type of business. The guild also charges various fees on its members, which go towards maintaining the guild hall and supporting the guild’s various activities.

In addition to its commercial activities, the Merchant’s Guild also plays an important role in the political life of the city. The guild has its own representative in the City Council, and works closely with the other powerful organizations in the city, such as the High Temple, Merchant Police and the City Guard, to maintain stability and order in Aranthaes.

Overall, the Aranthaean Merchant’s Guild is a powerful and influential organization in the city, and one that plays a vital role in the city’s economic and political life.