Drawn to the vast wealth carried on highways to and from Aranthaes, it’s unsurprising that merchant caravans will see attacks from gangs of bandits and thieves.

One of the most notorious bandit gangs is the Black Blades, a group of skilled swordsmen who operate on the main trade routes leading to neighboring cities. They are known for their swift and deadly attacks, often leaving no survivors. They are said to be led by a charismatic and ruthless leader known only as “the Blade.”

Another group of bandits, The Red Cloaks, specialize in attacking caravans carrying precious metals and gems. They are a brutal gang, known for their willingness to torture and kill their victims. They often hide out in the dense forests and rocky canyons along the northern trade routes.

In addition to bandits, there are also several orc hordes that roam the area. The Iron Fist Clan is one of the most feared, known for their powerful warriors and skilled archers. They often set up ambushes in the rocky terrain, attacking caravans with arrows and axes.

The Blood Moon Tribe is another orc horde that plagues the trade routes. They are a particularly savage group, known for their use of brutal tactics such as crucifixion and beheading. They are also notorious for their use of magic, often employing powerful shamans and spellcasters in their attacks.

Notorious Robberies
There have been several major attacks on caravans that are still spoken about in Aranthaes and beyond. One of the most notorious attacks occurred about 50 years ago when a large caravan transporting a valuable shipment of rare gems was ambushed by a band of orc raiders on the outskirts of the city. The caravan was completely decimated, with all of its guards and merchants killed and the precious gems stolen.

Another infamous attack happened more recently, when a group of bandits managed to hijack a caravan transporting a large quantity of gold bars from the Aranthaes Mint to a neighboring city. The bandits managed to outsmart the guards and made off with the entire shipment of gold, which was valued at an astronomical sum.

These attacks have led to increased security measures along the trade routes, with merchants hiring more guards and investing in better equipment to protect their valuable cargo. However, despite these efforts, the threat of attacks from bandits and orc hordes remains a constant danger for anyone traveling the trade routes around Aranthaes.