Aranthaes, like any other thriving city, is not immune to crime. While the city has several guard and police forces to keep order, criminal elements are still present, often lurking in the shadows, especially in Aranthaes Wynds. From petty theft, to organized crime, dangerous bandit gangs to scheming merchants, there are many different types of criminal activity in Aranthaes.

One of the most prevalent forms of crime in the city is theft. Pickpockets and burglars are common in the Wynds, where the cramped and poorly lit alleyways offer plenty of hiding places. Many of these thieves work alone, but there are also organized gangs that specialize in pickpocketing, shoplifting, and even housebreaking.

Another major problem in Aranthaes is smuggling. With the city being a hub of trade, merchants often try to import less-than legitimate goods. This can include anything from banned drugs and weapons to rare and valuable artifacts looted from ancient ruins. While the city guard makes an effort to intercept these illegal shipments, many still slip through.

The crime syndicates of the Aranthaes Wynds are some of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the city. They are led by three powerful and ruthless bosses who are known to be heavily involved in all manner of illegal activities, from extortion to smuggling to murder.

The first syndicate is known as the Black Hand, and is led by a mysterious figure known only as “the Hand.” The Black Hand operates primarily in the Wynds, and is known for their brutal enforcement of their territories. They control much of the illegal trade in the area, including drugs, weapons, and stolen goods.

The second syndicate is the Crimson Court, led by the charismatic and cunning ‘Red Queen’ Kallista. The Crimson Court has a significant presence in the Red Lantern district, and is involved in a wide range of illegal activities, including prostitution, gambling, and protection rackets. The Red Queen is known for her skill at manipulation and her ability to maintain alliances with other criminal organizations in the city.

The third syndicate is the Golden Lion, led by a wealthy and influential merchant lord. The Golden Lion operates throughout Arathaes City and has significant influence over many of the legitimate businesses in Aranthaes. However, they are also known to be heavily involved in smuggling and other illegal activities, often using their legitimate enterprises as a cover for their less savory dealings.

Finally one of the most dangerous criminal organizations of all, operating both inside and outside Aranthaes is the Red Cloak bandit brigade. This group of ruthless outlaws operates primarily along the northern trade routes, attacking caravans carrying precious metals and gems. They are known for their willingness to torture and kill their victims, often leaving no survivors. The Red Cloaks are notoriously difficult to catch, as they are skilled at hiding in the dense forests and rocky canyons that line the trade routes.

Despite the presence of these powerful criminal organizations, both the city guard and merchant police are constantly working to combat crime in the City, the Wynds and it’s Red Lantern district. Unfortunately, the Wynds in particular are notoriously difficult to police, with their maze-like streets and hidden alleys providing plenty of opportunities for criminals to evade capture.

As a result, many citizens of Aranthaes have learned to live with the constant threat of crime, taking precautions such as traveling in groups and avoiding certain areas of the city after dark.

Outside the City
The Iron Fist Clan is a notorious orc horde that plagues Aranthaen trade routes. They are known for their powerful warriors and skilled archers, and they often set up ambushes in the rocky terrain, attacking caravans with arrows and axes. While the city guard has made efforts to root out the Iron Fist Clan, they have proven to be a difficult foe to defeat.

The Blood Moon Tribe is a particularly savage orc horde that also plagues Aranthaen trade routes. They are known for their use of brutal tactics such as crucifixion and beheading, and they employ powerful shamans and spellcasters in their attacks. The Blood Moon Tribe is perhaps the most dangerous of all the criminal organizations operating in and around Aranthaes.

One final group which need no introduction are The Black Blades, a group of skilled swordsmen known for their swift and deadly attacks. They are said to be led by a charismatic and ruthless leader known only as “the Blade.” The Black Blades target caravans and travelers on the trade routes, leaving no survivors. The city guard has been working hard to track down the Blade and bring the Black Blades to justice, but so far they have been unsuccessful.

In short, crime in and around Aranthaes is a serious problem, with multiple criminal organizations operating both within the city and along the trade routes. While the city guard works tirelessly to maintain order, they face many challenges in their efforts to combat crime. Citizens and travelers alike are advised to be cautious and aware of their surroundings at all times.

Despite the danger, however, many merchants and adventurers continue to flock to Aranthaes in search of adventure and riches, willing to risk the dangers of the city’s criminal underworld in pursuit of their goals.