welcome to Aranthaes

This site is currently under construction but will become a detailed city resource for Dungeons and DragonsTM, offering full mapping, thousands of locations and fully-fledged characters, mini-adventures, detailed challenges and epic multi-adventure campaigns.

Welcome to Aranthaes: City of Gold

Welcome to Aranthaes – an ancient city built on wealth and prosperity, where gold flows like water and the merchant classes rule supreme. The city streets are filled with bustling crowds of traders, adventurers, wealthy nobles, and the seedy underworld all vying for their slice of the city’s vast riches.

The air is thick with the scent of exotic spices and perfumes in this playground for the wealthy where anything goes, from elegant opera houses to packed banking houses, from expert goldsmiths in the glittering jewelry quarter, to expert courtesans in the underbelly’s Red Lantern district.

And beneath the city, a vast golden stockpile affording every citizen pledged to the city’s deity, gold for life. But at what cost?

Beyond the city’s fortified walls, busy trade routes radiate out like veins, carrying caravans of merchants and mercenaries, adventurers seeking their fortune, and bandits looking to steal their share of the wealth.

All of this makes Aranthaes the perfect location for adventurers seeking wealth, power, and fame. But beware – for the intense politics, unique local beliefs, unexpected dangers and enthralling city intrigues that may be waiting around every corner are not for the faint of heart.

Whether you’re seeking your fortune in trade, delving into the city’s dark underworld, or climbing the ranks of the city’s elite, Aranthaes is the ultimate destination for those with a hunger for adventure.

Aranthaes: FREE D&D 5e City Resources
Locations, Characters, Maps, Adventures & More!

This site is a free resource compatible with 5e and can be used to run epic ready-made campaigns, challenging adventures and fun one-shot mini quests set in and around the great city of Aranthaes.

Offering hundreds of fleshed out characters with detailed back-stories all living in a sprawling tiered city with hundreds of descriptive, detailed locations and unique challenges, items and challenging encounters, Aranthaes could be the center of your adventures for years to come.

Alternatively you can pull your choice of interesting characters, fully-realized locations and a comprehensive set of resources for use in your own campaigns.

Everything is available free to use, for any use – all under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

As the Aranthaes site grows there will be an opportunity to share free community-written adventures and additional resources to keep the Aranthean city state growing!