The ultimate power in the city rests with the Church of the Mother, with the Holy Mother at its helm. The Church holds sway over the hearts and minds of the people, with its teachings and sacraments providing the moral compass for the populace.

In Aranthaes the Holy Mother’s every word is a divine mandate, and none dare oppose her openly.

But even the Church cannot ignore the wealth and power amassed by the merchant classes, who make up 7 of the city council’s 12.

The merchants are a cunning lot, always seeking to expand their influence and profits, and despite claiming to be followers of Lady Bune’s teachings, they have no love for the Church’s interference in their affairs. They view the Church as a threat to their interests, and so they seek to subvert its power.

In this atmosphere of tension and rivalry, plots and schemes are hatched behind closed doors. The merchants use their wealth to bribe officials and sway public opinion, while the Church relies on its network of spies and informants to keep tabs on its enemies. It is not uncommon for a merchant to be found poisoned, or for a church elder to be excommunicated on trumped-up charges.

The Holy Mother herself is not immune to the machinations of the council. They whisper in her ear, planting seeds of doubt and suspicion about those close to her. She knows that as an elected proxy, her true authority is not absolute, and that she must tread carefully if she wishes to maintain her position.

But amidst all the scheming and plotting, there are a majority who seek to do good in the city.

Most believe deeply in the teachings of the Church and strive to bring peace and prosperity to the people, in line with Lady Bune’s word.

Thus, the city of Aranthaes is a place of both great promise and great danger, where rival factions vie for power and influence, and where even the most pious can fall victim to the temptations of wealth and ambition.

Mother’s Council / Council of 12

As an Oligarchic Theocracy, Aranthaes is governed by the Mother’s Council, overseen by Holy Mother. Whilst the Council of 12 can vote on any subject, laws and decisions are only passed after a majority vote and only with the signed approval of Holy Mother.

Mother’s Council members are made up of true born Aranthaens and members of the church, military and merchant classes. Officially these positions are granted after internal elections but in working practice, noble seats are hereditary and church seats are filled based on rank.

Members are kept busy due to their roles in the city and church – and can seldom attend many meetings, but every meeting leading to a vote must include at least 7 members and the Holy Mother or her elected representative.

Meetings are typically held in Aranthaes City Chambers, but can be moved to High Temple on Holy Mother’s command.

Current Members
Orinna Lor
Vice Head:
Orila Thorne
Keeper of Keys:
Mother’s Watch:
Rilith Jol’gonas
Mother’s Sword:
Orlonas Dasir
Trade Governor:
Fitzgerald Morley
Honorable Member:
Malemon Morell
Honorable Member:
Saul de Vries
Honorable Member:
Damakos Drak